La serenità è a casa tua.

The conclusion of the II millennium revealed a great need for creating a new, innovative plan focused on the solid principles of development, clarity and character. This plan was simply a desire to lay a foundation for new ways of interpreting the real estate market. The Relax Group is the leader of Pescara’s real estate market. The distinguishing characteristic, or in other words the original idea of the Relax Group, is the ability to completely satisfy your needs as a client in a unique and personal way.

The Abruzzo region, where Pescara is located, is characterized by mountainside ski slopes, green rolling hills, and comfortable beach living. Whether you are searching for some land among the olive trees, a beach house comfortably located on the outskirts of the city, or wherever your preferences take you, Relax Group is the key. Our consultants play an important role in presenting you with endless possibilities. They are known for their high profile of experience and their sincere ethical and moral skills. When it comes to making an important decision in buying or selling, you can count on them. From the initial handshake to the contract signing they will lead you in the right direction and give advice on “the best thing to do.” Along with all of the services we offer, we promise a valid and honorable assistance for our international clients. This might include tours of the city, meetings at the notary, mortgage and/or bank transactions and receiving internet services: all conducted under clear communication in English. Students who are interested in total cultural immersion can come to us and find practical solutions for both inexpensive and adventurous housing. Because of our incredibly fortunate location on the Abruzzo coast we also specialize in summer holiday residence. Students, families, and individuals can trust in our immediate and complete attention.

Work Structure

Relax Group’s strategy is based on this idea:

"Give opportunity to the client to do the right thing"

The intuition of this idea is both simple and complicated. Simple because it’s based on a personal and confidential relationship with a consultant dedicated to the client from beginning to end; complicated because, in consequence of experience gained, each agent is prepared to advise the client on a wide range of opportunity and assess what is needed exactly.

The lines of efficiency

Relax Group sets out to offer services covering all possible needs of the client thanks to an adapted Consultancy model. Services to the private sector: buying and selling – renting – patrimony management – consultancy Business services: feasibility – mediation – consultancy – selling of offices Together with these services our high level of specific competences match with the most important professional research on the market. The result being an array of valuable solutions guaranteed for the needs of our clientele.


Ever since our very first appearance on the market, the initial idea of Relax Group has been to be socially responsible. This means answering to everyone who comes in direct or indirect contact with the group sharing the same values and behavioral standards. Values and behavioral norms regulate each work endeavor, both inside and outside the agency.
The key words are: responsibility – accuracy – clarity – expertise.

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